Wonders of God: His Benefits

Wonders of GOD: Have you ever read the WORD and thought to yourself, how great is our GOD? The creator of heaven and earth? Who made the universe by speaking in faith and by his great and mighty power? It is wonderful that I cannot contain nor even fathom how great GOD really is. 

That is why He deserves our daily worship, whether, with our lips and actions, it all shall come from the heart. My prayers are to always be in awe and wonder of GOD because I desire and want to be. I desire my spirit to be strong and less of my flesh, you know?

I was reading Psalm 103, 104, and Psalm 139 not too long ago, and it felt like the WORD literally touched me deeply. To be honest, speaking the WORD as you read it gives you a stronger viewpoint. It’s like when you read the WORD, it touches you somehow. I mean, of course, because the WORD is alive and active. It was just a wow moment. I am thankful for the HOLY SPIRIT to highlight these things to me. 

Wonders of God

I want to be in awe of GOD all the days of my life, even if it is a little thing. Now I would say that I miss it at times. Sometimes my actions lead me to distracting objectives. But I seem to turn back around and get back to my focus, being in awe and wonder of GOD. 

Wonders of GOD

So, therefore, I wanted to highlight some verses that stood out to me when I read them. I hope that this inspires you to read the WORD not just with your thought but also with your mouth, fully engulfing the WORD of GOD in the way it should. 

So let’s begin with Psalm 103:3-5. 

Wonders of God

Psalm 103 was my family’s daily declaration. We almost read it every day, and because we read it every day, certain verses caught my attention.  

If you did not know, the bible is alive and active. Therefore, if it is alive and active, you can use these words in your prayer life and as an act of your faith of prayer requests to come to pass. His WORD is also a prophecy that when you speak the words into your life, by faith, believe that what you have spoken has occurred (John 14:14). 

The WORD of GOD is spoken in FAITH

For example, Psalm 91 is my daily or nightly prayer for the LORD to cover my family and me during the night as we sleep. The more I read the WORD and listen to sermons about actively putting the WORD into practice, the more wisdom and, hopefully, revelation I receive. It’s been beneficial. One particular video that has helped me is by Keneth E. Hagin. His sermons are old, but they’re full of godly wisdom and truth you can apply in your life. Here’s a video of one I followed recently. 

I just wanted to notify you quickly because I genuinely think i’s essential for you to know that the WORD is not simply a read; it is the active WORD.

Ok, let’s get started. 

“Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all His benefits – who forgives all your sins and heals your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns your love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”  – Psalm 103:3-5 NIV

I thought about this verse, and I also believe it because I was going through some things. In Christ Jesus, we are healed, according to Isaiah 53:5. Therefore in the LORD, when we are children of GOD, we have these benefits, we are healed from all our diseases, forgiven of all our sins, and so on. 

Wonders Of GOD: He’s the GOD of benefits

Now, this is not to say that we will not walk in this life without sickness and things. I am not saying that we are all going to get sick. But if something were to occur, we are to immediately speak the WORD of GOD over the situation because Jesus Christ, the WORD that became flesh, overcomes the world. His WORD triumphs the world!

Still, when we allow the WORD of GOD to influence our heart, when we speak the WORD into existence and believe by faith that this is true, what we have said has come to pass. Meaning that we are already abiding by and living these WORDS currently. 

Wonders of God

So when I read these particular verses, these became true to me because He has forgiven me of all of my sins because of what He did on the cross for me. Also, He heals all my diseases because, by His stripes, I am healed. He redeems my life from the pit because when I received Jesus and believed in Him, He gave me the right to become a child of GOD so that I won’t experience the wrath of GOD. 

In Christ Jesus, the wrath of GOD was satisfied, so therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Plus, I can now confidently come before Abba Father GOD’s throne of grace and talk to Him. 

The Wonders of GOD: His Desires are our desires

Lastly, the LORD satisfies our desires with good things. Do you have particular desires in your heart? I am not talking about something that would be selfish where you keep it to yourself but desires that would bless others and indeed exalt HIM? Now I am not saying that you can’t have nice things because it is nice to have nice things. 

But we cannot let these nice things distract us from the one that gives us these nice things. I have desires, and they are not cheap. That is the truth. I know that God knows this because I would hope He placed these things in my heart. He and He alone deserves the glory. And all these things are found in HIM. 

He knows our hearts; therefore, He fills us up with these desires. If our desire is to have a car, nothing is wrong with that. Have a deep desire to travel, I would not believe GOD would stop you, but you will have to take this up with HIM. If you desire to have a business, that can also be a desire He has impressed in your heart for you to move forward with.

There is one thing though…

But one thing I have learned is that He also has timing for these things because He wants to give you the best. In His timing, His best is better. 

He even refreshes or supercharges us, which is mentioned in the TPT bible. This refreshing strengthens us to face the day with HIM. It is truly hard to explain, but if you have experienced this, you know how He does this. He refreshes our souls so that we can conquer the day. There are times I feel, in a way, dry, but that is when I also find myself renewed by reading and speaking His WORD, listening to a sermon, talking to GOD, or listening to music. These are several ways GOD can refresh you. 

Overall, GOD is wonderful. His WORDS are true, strengthening us and reminding us of His promises, or rather yet, benefits. 

Hope this post blessed you. 

Until Next Time. 

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