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Weekly and Monthly Planners For Women

Weekly and monthly planners: I do not know about you, but I am picky about certain things. I am a particularly picky person because there are some things I would not want to see or participate in. 

For example, when it comes to food, particularly rice, I will not eat it if I see a hint of black on the rice. Now it does depend on the type of rice and how it is made. I can understand fried rice, but that’s weird if it is found in regular white rice. 

Weekly and Monthly Planners
Weekly and Monthly Planners

I am picky with a lot of things…even planners

This is the same with planners. I like planners because they help me be organized and structured. After all, I need assistance. With this year being my last year or so for my Master’s, along with doing other activities, a planner is a lifesaver. As I said, I am picky about planners because I like them to have certain things. 

I actually am using 2 planners: a pocket planner and a regular 8×11 or so planner. They’re are located below. Now I bought these from stores that you cannot really find online. But if you have been looking for a planner just like mine, I have found some planners that might fit your need. 

Some were found in Etsy and others on Amazon. Like any store, you really need to look for the ones you like! And sometimes it might take time, but it’s a relief when you finally find it. So even if you do not see any of these planners to be your type, no worries! My favorite places to look for Planners are Home Goods and Walmart. Take a look there as well. 

Just to let you know, these planners are weekly and monthly planners, along with other things that you might like to use. 

Let’s get started. 

Weekly and Monthly Planners
Weekly and Monthly Planners

Weekly and Monthly Planners

May you find this year to be a year where GOD is doing new things in your life. Where you seek Him, and He is found by you! This year is opened with new things, such as the last year. Let God open your eyes and ears to this. Praise Him, Trust in Him and Seek His Heart.

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:19 NIV

Weekly and Monthly Planners – Hello Revival Planner 

Weekly and Monthly Planners
Etsy: Hello Revival

I found this particular weekly and monthly planner on Etsy, and I quite liked it. It’s minimal and straightforward on the outside, which I like. And on the inside, there are the weekly and monthly items. Another thing that I found to be interesting is the blank page for the sermon section. So I am assuming that you can also bring the planner to church or, when you have your own quiet time, take in some notes to meditate over for later for prayer. You can also do other things in the planner, such as a task list, gratitude list, and pondering over the bible verse on the bottom! Isn’t that pretty nice!

Weekly and Monthly Planners – BlueSky Planner 

This became my favorite brand planner back in my college days because it was such a simple planner for me to use. Containing the weekly and monthly list and notes to jot down in the back of the notebook was helpful. But this is useful all around. So if you’re looking for a detailed yet straightforward planner that includes a weekly and monthly list, I would take a look-see.

Weekly and Monthly Planners – Lemome Planner 

This has been liked by many customers, both college students and workers alike! It includes a stretchy band for you to put your pen, markers, or pencil, as well as an elastic band to close the planner. There is a pocket located in the back of the planner to place your essentials inside the folder. There is also a note and contact list. 

Weekly and Monthly Planners – Gold Enjoyed Planner  

Etsy: Goldenjoyed

If you’re into coloring and such, I will take a look at these planners. While you plan, you can color as well! It is definitely a helpful planner for those who like to sit down and think about their day or week. There are inspirational verses such as Philippians 4:8 to encourage you to think about good things. The planner includes a grocery list and meal planning list. What do you think about it?

There you go! Hope this was a helpful post if you are looking to find a planner for this year! 

Until Next Time.

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