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The Daily Grace Co Review

The daily grace co review will contain affiliate links. 

It is already December.

Wow. Have you noticed that this year has gone by faster than before? Maybe it’s just me.

In all honesty, it seems wrong to me. It’s like January 1 was yesterday. However, this year has been full of experiences that I can only render praise and thank you to God almighty. 

In all things, we must give thanks unto God, no matter what. He has done much more good than we can ever think or imagine. So thank the LORD today for even giving you the strength to carry you through your highs and lows this year. 

But let me not digress. 

This post is about something else. Recently, I bought some items from an online store. I liked them, so I want to present my purchases and post a review about my overall impressions of the store. Thought you would be interested in them as well.

I am not an affiliate of their store, nor is this post sponsored. This is just me simply putting myself out there and giving you some ideas of what I bought, which might also give you ideas of what you might buy for yourself, a friend, or a family member. 

This is my first time even knowing about this store. Plus, I did not even know it existed. It was actually by randomness, unless the LORD, and I say this slightly, placed this in my path for me to simply review it for you, blessing you somehow.

I thank God either way for this opportunity.

So what is this store I’m talking about? From the title, and the image, the online store I will be reviewing is The Daily Grace Co. 

Let’s get started. 

The Daily Grace Co Review

The purpose of their website, when I was typing their website address, is equipping disciples in the WORD. And we indeed should. The WORD says to not let the book of the law depart from our mouth but meditate day and night (Joshua 1:8). Plus, we are blessed when we do this (Psalm 1:1-3). We get to know more of GOD’s attributes as it draws us near HIM. 

The Daily Grace Co Items

So they have many items that will nurture your spiritual growth, including accessories, to me, that are fun to have. You will find something to encourage your spiritual growth, from devotions to bible study tools.  

This is not to say that things should encourage your walk with Christ. It is a matter of the heart and your relationship with the LORD that matters. These things will pass away, but GOD and HIS WORD will never pass away. 

And did I say that a portion of what they receive goes to churches and missionaries worldwide? So that is definitely a group/company to support.

So let’s go over the items I bought, but preferably the ones I chose to purchase. 

Before I start, I would first like to say that the reasonable amount of time I bought the items and the span of days it arrived in my footsteps was greatly appreciated. It did not take as long as I thought it would because of this covid thing. But it was not, surprisingly.

the daily grace co review

The Daily Grace Co Review: The Theology Book


Do you know that I never heard of theology until recently, more so this year? There have been conversations and topics about theology regarding knowing GOD and who He is. So this is me being simply curious about what this is all about.

The only thing I know regarding GOD is through His WORD, the bible. Anything else is supplemental. So I will give this supplementary book a read, let the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD lead me. I may write a review on the blog as well. 

The Daily Grace Co Review: The ESV Bible

So I currently have three bibles, all different translations. 

  1. I have been using the NIV for almost half of my life, so this is the primary bible that I read.
  2. The AMP, which to me is more of a study bible with its definition and insight into GOD’s more clearly.
  3. The TPT translation, for me, is soo intimate. I like how it is written because it’s so heartful and to the point. 

So adding this one into my bible collection (I can’t believe I wrote a bible collection) gives me more insight into what God is saying in His WORD. One thing that I like about this bible is that it has a journal space to write notes and other things that you may be spiritually inspired to jot down. 

Having all three bibles has aided me immensely, primarily when the HOLY SPIRIT guides me powerfully. I don’t need three or four bibles, but it helps me discover GOD through His WORD. I am not saying you should do this. This is just my preference. 

The Daily Grace Co Review: The Prayer Request Bible


This year, I have had prayer requests I have placed before GOD. They’re all in my notebooks and are spread everywhere. I wanted to organize them, and I believe this journal can help me manage them in the topic, category, to look over them, pray over them, and thank GOD for them. They have tabs in which you can write in topics or categories of your choosing.  

The Accessories


I needed new highlighters, and I actually like these a bit. The texture of these highlighters is similar to crayons. Still, they really highlight your bible without the harshness of a crayon. The highlighter packet comes with suggestions on how you can use them. For me, I simply use them for highlighting. 


I like to read, and a bookmark should always accompany it, right? So instead of using my mail or a simple paper, I bought these for the books I am currently reading. 


Well, I like pens. More so, I ensure that I have to go with everything I carry with me, including my journals. My pens go with different journals that I keep on my desk, my nightstand, my bag, and simply everywhere I can have a journal. Is that weird?

The Weekly Plan & The Daily Read:

 These are simply for organization purposes that I place on my bedstands and desk if I don’t have my planner or journal. If you don’t know me, I like office supplies and a bit of organization. So I find these helpful. 

The Tabs: 

I have already placed them on each bible I have and will update you on the tabs I will put on the new ESV bible. 

So the verdict? I would encourage everyone to give it a visit. I found good items that I know I would use daily. So it is definitely a company that I would visit. They have more than the items I currently showed you. Devotions are also available if you need a devotional book/journal to nurture your faith. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase. 

Well, there you go. 

I hope this post blessed you.

Until Next Time.

***These images have been captured by the Olympus OMD Camera. It is an affordable mirrorless camera which I really enjoy using. It took me a long time to look for a camera that I could use instead of my phone. So I found this camera affordable and very user-friendly, just like a point-shoot camera. I also use this camera for hobby-related things, so it can definitely be used for any needs you need. 


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