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Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Here are some special mother’s day gift ideas to think about for the special mother(s) in your life. Mothers are precious in GOD’s sight, therefore, let us appreciate them as well. 

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I am currently reading a book about specific topics that concerns GOD through the perspective, thoughts, and ways of GOD. Specifically, the author of the book wrote what GOD was telling Him as he spent time with HIM. I encourage everyone to read the book so you can know what it means to truly live for GOD. Receive true knowledge, wisdom, and understanding from the Father, the Son, and the HOLY SPIRIT. Living this life requires walking with the LORD so we can walk in sanctification. 

I divert the topic, but what I was going to write is that, in the book, the LORD thought about mothers; mothers are precious to GOD. Being a mother has a purpose, and GOD honors that position because HE created it. 

This is to say that all mothers reading this know that GOD finds you precious in HIS sight. He has given you the strength, the ability, just like the proverbs 31, to be the Mother you were made to be to your children in GOD’s sight. Though Mother’s day is a national holiday, I would like to thank you for all you do. From being the role model every day, the prayer warrior, and the obedient servant of GOD who also teaches us to be good and faithful servants of the LORD, thank you.

I would also like to thank my Mother, who is basically, as I have told her, the backbone of this family. She has sacrificed, provided, and led my siblings and me to Christ. Though I write this, May GOD bless you all mothers and that Abba Father gives you the joy and peace in all that you do.

Therefore, I wanted to create a memorable gift ideas post for Mother’s Day and hopefully give you some ideas on what to get for the Mother, even Grandmother, in your life. Overall, this is all for those we call mothers, whether they’re related or unrelated to us, giving all the glory to GOD.

Without further due, let’s get started. 

Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Special Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Daily Devotionals

If your Mother uses devotionals daily, I recommend looking into the post I wrote containing a list of devotionals. The Mother in your life may use them to grow and spend more time with GOD. I have used two of the devotionals from the list. They’ve been helpful to help me understand how to live this life by the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT and living a sanctified life. 

Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Memorable Jewelry

Jewelry is also a unique item that anyone wears daily. I genuinely like those necklace lockets because it is like you are holding someone dear in your life. Here are some jewelry items that you can look into and check out.

Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: The Bible 

In all honesty, I have three bibles. Well, actually four, but the two have the exact translation. I carefully choose what bible can help me understand the WORD of GOD and its translation since we don’t want to add on or subtract anything from the WORD. However, the work of the HOLY SPIRIT and His revelation reveals the truth found in GOD’s WORD. Here is some bible that the Mother in your life may use for their own devotional time with the LORD. 

Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Inspirational Books

One book that I recommended above, the ONE: The Power of Unity, is one that I would look into. I have other books recommendations from other posts you could look into. Such as these:

Here are also other books that you could look into as well:

Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Coffee or Tea Mugs

Mugs are definitely my favorite home items. I also wrote a post containing various mugs. But here are also other mugs you could look into:

Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Bible Supplies 

I always keep a pen, highlighter, journal, and whatever I may need when doing devotionals. So if your Mother is like me and needs their pens, highlighters, and journal, I would recommend looking into Daily Grace Co. I did a mini-review post of what I bought from their online store. Check out the website

Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Graphic Tee-Shirt

Sometimes, the most straightforward yet unique gift for mothers is a T-shirt, which can make a difference. It is unique, especially with something inspirational such as a bible verse or something positive to go with you to the store, out to eat, and even to ponder on. Here are some shirts to look into:

Special Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Care Packages

Do you like a combination of gifts to give to your Mother? Why not try a care package you can make on your own, by combining some of these items in this post? Ideas like that are good too.

There you go! I hope this post blessed you.

Until Next Time.

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