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Sowing the Word of God In Your Heart

Sowing the WORD of GOD in your heart every day is essential and necessary for every Christian believer. Read more on how to plant the WORD of GOD in your heart. 

So then Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the WORD of GOD – Romans 10:17 NKJV.

Whatever you are going through, the WORD of GOD instructs us. The WORD contains bibles verses that provide instructions on how to walk about our situation. I hope that the WORD of GOD gives you hope in your season. It is pertinent that we all feed on the WORD of GOD daily. It gives us strength and guides us into all truth, with the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT. 

In Matthew 4:4, The LORD Jesus Christ was tempted by the evil one. From the temptations, Jesus Christ said that man cannot live alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of GOD. The Mouth of GOD is HIS WORD, the logos (the written word), and the rhema (spoken word by the revelation of the HOLY Spirit) found of HIS WORD, the BIBLE. 

When you consume bread, it fills you up. The WORD of GOD should fill you up as well. The WORD should fill you up. In addition to the point that when you encounter any situation, the WORD of GOD, with the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT, prepares you. And helps you combat any problems using the WORD of GOD, stopping any adverse situation in its track.

So how do you plant the WORD of GOD in your life? In your heart?

Sowing the Word of God In Your Heart

Sowing the WORD of GOD in your heart: Meditate On The WORD

When reading the WORD, I do urge you to ask the HOLY SPIRIT first and foremost to fill you with His presence. Also, fill you with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to help you meditate on the WORD. Also, asking to unveil any revelation of what you’re reading so that you may apply in your life.

In Joshua 1:8, The LORD GOD told the Israelites to meditate on His WORD day and night so that we may be careful to do what it says so that we be prosperous in all the things we do. Another example is also in Psalm 1:1-3 

As Christians and in Christ, we still need to meditate on GOD’s WORD. It is alive and active, giving us TRUTH on how to live this life with sanctification. And no, we cannot do it on our own, but it is the power of the Holy Spirit who helps us to walk in and as Christ, who fulfilled the Law. 

When you sow the WORD of GOD into your heart, your mind is also renewed, leading you to understand and know Abba Father GOD’s pleasing, perfect, and good will (Romans 12:2).

Sowing the WORD of GOD in your heart: Put The WORD Into Action

The WORD of GOD is not just a WORD to read but, as mentioned, is to meditate. Most importantly, it is also to put it into action. When the WORD is sown in you, it transforms you that you walk into it.

In James 1:22, the WORD says to not merely listen to the WORD and so deceive yourselves, but also do it so that you won’t forget what you’ve heard. When you value the WORD of GOD in your life, you will and desire to fully walk in the WORD to be blessed and thrive in everything you do, with the guidance of the HOLY SPIRIT (v. 23-25).

When you sow and put the WORD into action, using Faith and deeds (James 2:26), you will reap good things. So always plant the WORD of GOD which flows life into you, and lean not on the flesh that gives in to lust and the things of this life that do not last (Galatians 6:7-8).

Speak It Continuously In Your Life

When the WORD is spoken in your life because of what you have sown every day, that also means that you believe the WORD to be true. You are pleasing the HOLY SPIRIT by leaning on the WORD that gives life.

For example, when you received Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior, you confessed with your mouth and believed in your heart. This means you have sown Jesus Christ, your LORD, and Savior, into your heart, and then HE becomes the King of your heart. 

Speaking the WORD is definitely powerful. The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit (Proverbs 18:21). Therefore, speaking words that bless rather than a curse is essential. So when you’re going through the situation, talk about the WORD of TRUTH in your life. Encourage yourself by speaking the WORD that gives you healing, strength, and hope. 

The verse that I speak in my life from time to time is Psalm 119:33-40 because I desire GOD’s word to be imprinted in my life. And I see its fruit by the grace, mercy, and mighty power of GOD. 

One important thing to think about is that GOD’s WORD is alive and active. And it requires you to have Faith in the WORDS. When speaking it in your life, speak it with Faith, knowing that the WORD you say is for you in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ. The more you sow GOD’s WORD in your life, the more life you have in you because GOD’s WORD is life. And overall, the HOLY SPIRIT will guide you into all truth. 

I hope this post blessed you. 

Until Next Time. 

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