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Personal Thoughts Of The Day: the dark clouds will float away

personal thoughts of the day

I was driving in the car, listening to one of my favorite songs. Then memories flooded back to me- memories of the last 10 years of my life. The decisions I’ve made, the things I’ve gone through, and where I am now.

I started crying my heart out. Then, I had to cry a bit to not get into an accident of course. Just enough to cry to God to help me walk through this journey of uncertainty.

This post is about my personal thoughts of the day

personal thoughts of the day

You see, I’m at a place where I’m uncertain of everything. My life, my situations, my job, and my blog. How do they play a part in my success? Do they even play a part in where I need to be? Why is my journey full of pain, uneasiness, and shortcomings? Why can’t I be in a better place? Better mindset?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a positive person and I always believe that there’s always a bright side to everything. But when these moods appear when I’m uneasy about a situation, it triggers my negative counterpart. My unbelief, stress, my state of my mind and wanting to just climb in this cave that I place myself in when I just want to away from everything. Though it’s comfortable, it’s not healthy either.

Sometimes I wish that I didn’t have to feel this way. But I do, and I have to accept and acknowledge these feelings. I need to inspect these feelings and heal through prayer, dancing, and maybe a few cookies and cream ice cream.

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One thing I’ve learned about life is that unfortunate events happen to everyone. You think you knew where you were supposed to be and you go ahead and do it, but it ends up not being what you want to be. You end up sacrificing the things you need to do because of unforeseen things, and it gets to you on an emotional level.

For those that are going through the same thing, know that it’s okay feel like this. It’s okay to feel sad, uneasy, and maybe a bit depressed. But in the end, just know it doesn’t have to stop there. Know that any feelings you get are like a cloud. It doesn’t always stay there. It will float away eventually.

So whoever you are, whatever you’re going through, feel what you feel, go through the motion, but keep dancing. Keep blowing those bubbles of fun and joy. Keep laughing. And most of all, keep moving forward.

Until Next Time.

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