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Love Story by Nichole Nordeman: This book is full of relatable stories of our own lives that are full of sadness and happiness. But these stories are also relatable to the people in the bible times. This book shows that in all situations, GOD is in the midst of all things.

Here’s another book review or book thought, among other books I have recently read. Check out my recent blog post about other book thoughts posts that I’ve written. 

Maybe the title should go forth with “book thoughts” because when I read a book, I reflect on it, either coming from what I have experienced or read. 

So the book that I finished reading long ago is a Love Story by Nichole Nordeman. I honestly enjoyed this book and her writing. She’s definitely a good writer. 

What made me honestly enjoy this book was how her experience was compared to the people in the Bible. From Paul, Mary Magdalene, and even our LORD Jesus Christ. Plus, she was funny. Do you know that she does not like birds, or at least that’s how I remember it?

The Love Story

Love Story by Nichole Nordeman

I wanted to write this blog post to provide several reflections that made me think about life and our own experience with the LORD GOD. She has had a different experience with the LORD GOD than I have, but what brings us together is our salvation and faith in our LORD Jesus Christ, the author and perfecter of our faith. 

This also makes me think about our relationship with the LORD GOD: it is different, unique, but beautiful because it is between you and HIM.

The Love Story Book Thoughts: Creation

“In all these moments, the Creator held us like newborns and saw glimpses of himself…It was good then because [H]e was good. And it will be good always because love knows no other way to be.”

When I read this, I think about Abba’s Father and how happy and loved He sees each of us born. Even Psalm 139:14 says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. And how he created us was good because He is good. Also, she mentioned that “and it will be good always because love knows no other way to be”. GOD is good, and that’s who He is. 

He is not a GOD of evil, He’s not a human to change His mind nor lie, but He is the HOLY, Almighty, Awesome GOD. The CreatorCreator of all things. And the best thing is, we, His children, are made in His likeness. Representing Him in His beauty, Truth, and Holiness. 

Shouldn’t that be great news?!

Because, in Christ, we are who we were meant to be, children of GOD that He created us to be from the beginning of time! Walking in our authority, loving others as we love ourselves, serving others, and really walking as powerful beings in the likeness of GOD. 

The enemy doesn’t want us to know this because he wants to scare us and tell us that we are nothing. But he is right. We are nothing, but in Christ, we are children of GOD and have the authority to trample him down, and he is under our feet. 


As the Bible says, we were made a little lower than the angels and crowned with glory and honor and given authority over all things on the earth. Just read Psalm 8, and you will understand. 

Overall, I’m saying that GOD, the Creator of all, in all, and through all, considers you and loves us enough to create us so we could know HIM and The great love He wants to show us. Isn’t that beautiful?

The Love Story Book Thoughts: Adam and Eve

“Or, I wonder, could it be that they loved God so fiercely and completely that they just wanted to be like [H]im?”

Now when I was reading this, I wondered what could have been on the mind of Adam and Eve. And maybe, just maybe, what they were doing was out of innocence, and I say this lightly. But then it made me think of their relationship with the LORD GOD. Couldn’t they ask HIM about what the snake said? 

But there could be so many questions after another running with that. Though one thing we know is that Adam and Eve disobeyed, and the sin that entered them expressed this disobedience. They expressed shame, guilt, and blame and ended with GOD putting a curse on them and leading them out of Eden.

I guess I don’t even want to think about why Adam and Eve did this. I don’t even know if it is appropriate to ask this in Heaven. But soon and very soon, when we get caught up with Jesus Christ, we will know.

Love Story by Nichole Nordeman

The Love Story Book Thoughts: Joseph

“So many people have allowed the pain of a wretched family history to etch their life-scarred identities into their foreheads.” 

This led me to think of the post I wrote about Lecrae’s bookRestored if you want to take a read. It led me to think about generational curses because such things are real. When we are new in Christ, the old has gone, and the new has come. Meaning that Jesus Christ took all of our generational curses and family sickness history on the cross forever and ever. Therefore, we are healed by His stripes (Isaiah 53). 

All we have to do is pray to the LORD to reveal any curse that should be broken in your family, and the HOLY SPIRIT will reveal it to you. Then decree that the generational curse is broken, which will no longer pass on to you or your children. Decree this in faith and walk in that decree in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ. 

You are not a slave to your family’s history.

You are a servant of Christ, a child of GOD, and a slave to righteousness. Free from curses, sickness, and any type of bondage.

This happened with Joseph. He could have let his family history destroy him, but he trusted in the LORD, did the right thing in GOD’s sight, and the LORD blessed Joseph. What was meant for evil will be turned into good (Genesis 50:20). And GOD works all things good for those who love HIM and have been called to His purpose. So what may seem bad in your family history should no longer come to you because only good things will come in your life. 

This is not to say that you will not experience negative things, but when you are in GOD, He turns it around and does whatever He desires for good because He loves and wants to take care of you.

The Love Story Book Thoughts: Mary Magdalene

“He speaks again. One word. Mary. And she knows then, not by sight but by the sound of her own name coming from his lips, that it is Jesus.”

This one hit me a bit because desiring to hear GOD’s voice and only His voice is the best thing in and out of this world. Listening to the LORD’s voice and Him calling me and even seeing Him is a joy for me. I have not personally experienced this, but I await that day. 

Of course, the LORD speaks to me in various ways, but just literally and supernaturally, hearing Him is the best thing in my life to desire. And I expect it to be. But let me not get into my soap bubble here.

When I think of that, I think of how Mary Magdalene saw Jesus Christ. She indeed saw Him as LORD and full of heart and compassion. For her to even walk with Him for those three years must have been incredible for her. She truly loved Him, and He loved her as the one true GOD in a pure sense.

It makes me think about how we will see GOD for the first time; how will we react? Will we be filled with so much love because we are now in Heaven with our GOD? I mean, could we hug Abba Father once and for all? So many questions and so few answers. But for now, reading the Bible and letting the HOLY SPIRIT guide us and reveal to us the glory, love, and majesty of the LORD GOD is good.

Well, that’s all the thoughts I have for now. But I do recommend the read. It is definitely a book to read that would touch you because the situation is relatable to all of us on all levels, connecting us to the LORD GOD. To purchase this book, it is found on Amazon in all formats.

Hope this post has blessed you. 

Until Next Time, Love GOD, Love Others, Walk By Faith, and Be At Peace.

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