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Living In The Favor Of GOD

living in the favor of god

About 2 years or so ago, I had a dream. It was a dream that was very distinct. I have not had one in a long time, but I believe it was from GOD after I dreamt it and pondered on it. 

Does God sometimes give you a dream that you can’t understand at first? Knowing me, I wanted to google the possible meaning of my dream. I told a family member about it, and they helped well. 

All I knew was that it had something to do with school or some type of education. Now I do not know if the education aspect of the dream was symbolic, as in I was going to be in special training to take me to the next level or getting my Masters’s was the next level. I did not have a clue. However, I took the chance to go forward with getting my Master’s. 

living in the favor of god

Living In The Favor Of God

 Now, did I want to go back to school? In a way, no and yes. No, because school drives me insane, and writing papers is tense (20-page report? No, thank you). Yes, because I was not currently in a place of contentment. I disliked my job and did not want to be over broke. 

But God was teaching me something, which I did not know back then. And I still believe that I am in the learning process. After I finish my schooling, I will finally realize why I was led to this Master’s program. 

So for the months, I kept looking for what I wanted to do. Back in college, I interned at an Occupational Therapist’s office, and that was a place I really liked. But the qualification for getting into the program was not something I had, nor did I want. So I went to look for something else. 

Living in the favor of GOD opens doors without effort

I finally found a major that led me to a school where the application process was straightforward and to the point. By the grace of GOD, the application and even finding recommendations were planned by GOD. In the end, I got accepted into Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s program at Capella University.

2022 will officially be the last year of my program, and I couldn’t be happier. I am a bit glad that I did not give up on myself. Now it was not on my own strength, but my GOD granted me favor upon favor, even when it seemed complicated. I do not like sitting at my desk writing long papers, but it has to be done. Sometimes, some situations were out of my hands, and GOD still brought me through. 


living in the favor of god

GOD Brings Me Through

This is to say that when GOD sets a plan before you by giving you a dream or vision, favor and provision are planned ahead. He puts your path straight and levels your ground. Even if there is a struggle, GOD sees it and takes care of it. He preplanned it, after all! 

So if God has ever given you a dream, vision, or even a physical word telling you to take a step, take the step by faith and let GOD be the lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path. 

I cannot tell you how much favor GOD has placed on my life. And He will forever receive my worship, gratitude, and praise. He’s too good and so great. And I know He has favor on your life as well. 

 I am writing this because I was reminded that GOD was still with me a few days ago. That His favor was still on my Master’s program because of the dream He gave me. 

You know it took me a few months to follow this dream because I was nervous about taking the big step. But after my Father died, things had to change, and I took that step by faith.

This reminds me of the story of Joshua getting ready to reach the Promised Land God promised Moses. But before then, He and the Israelites cried because Moses died. However, the LORD said, 

“Moses, my servant is dead. Now, then you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to them-to the Israelites.” Joshua 1:2 NIV

You can mourn for someone for so long, but there is a time to keep moving forward. And that was what I did. 

And I am glad I did because I was going to miss the experience of GOD’s favor. 

Again this is not to say that my experience was easy. Of course, it required work, but not the type I liked. But my God strengthened and sustained me. 

Isn’t GOD good all the time?

So this is my post of me experiencing GOD’s favor. Just the thought that GOD still has a design for each of His children is the most beautiful thing. Though I may not and never will understand, I know that His plan for me will not produce harm but success and a good future. 

Therefore, I am awaiting this successful future. 

Are you experiencing God’s favor in your life?

Until Next Time.

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