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Creative Ways To Make Extra Money From Home

creative ways to make extra money from home

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Do you desire several, creative ways to make extra money from home? There are countless ways to do this nowadays, which I am very grateful for. Though I don’t count on the money to provide for

my daily needs, it is a blessing to have resources around you to help accumulate money apart from your 9-5 job. During my college years, I’ve used 1-2 creative ways to make extra income when I did not have a job, and it helped me out much. God made way for me to use these activities to pay my phone bills, groceries, help my family, and buy clothes. 

Though I am in my late twenties, I still like to make an extra income for a rainy day or investing purposes. If you’re like me and you want to need extra creative ways to make extra income from home starting today, here is a list of several creative ways you can do just that. These are several ways I have made extra income in the past and some that I use currently. Some take time to accumulate, while some you can generate revenue in a month. But I assure you that if your goal is to make extra money in the long run, keep reading!

creative ways to start make extra money from home: start an online affiliate business

creative ways to earn extra money from home

One creative way to make an extra income from home is to start an online affiliate business. Though this is one of the easiest ways to begin an affiliate business, it is also one of the most difficult. But that does not mean that it cannot be done. 

What does Affiliate mean?

According to the Google dictionary, it merely means to attach oneself to an organization. For example, suppose you will start an online affiliate business or blog, to be more exact. In that case, that means you will create a website and will support one or more specific organizations you believe in and hope for others to believe in it as well. 

Affiliate can either be a product or service of your liking. You can get creative with this. With an affiliate blog, you can write about topics that support a product or service you believe in. If a reader is interested, they may buy the product or service you recommended on your website. 

This is just one aspect of an affiliate website. 

There are many ways to start a blog, and I can show you how to do it. But unfortunately, I am not. Countless websites offer you how. Still, in this particular section, I will only provide you with a service I believe in that can help you create an online affiliate business if you’re interested. 

Earn extra money from home with Wealthy Affiliate

They are called Wealthy Affiliate (WA). Yes, the name does sound a bit sketchy and, to be honest, a bit corny when I first read about it. But this service stands by what it believes in, and many people have reaped its benefits. I, myself, currently use their service. I learned to build a website, buy a domain, use a theme, and even know how to write blog posts. 

Wealthy Affiliate does not only teach you how to create an affiliate website, but it is a community as well. We have people from all walks of life and beginners to advanced bloggers who support each other as they build their online businesses. You don’t really see this anywhere, and I personally have not. So if you are interested in creating an online income, check their website out! 

Here’s a website made by a member who is currently generating an income when she started using their services. Here is also another website that alone generates an income by only selling football snack helmets.

Creative ways to make extra money from home: take surveys

Have you ever taken surveys? If you haven’t, now could be an excellent time for you! Surveys are websites that allow you to provide opinions about specific products and services. In return, you get compensated for your time. The amount of time ranges between 5 min to 45 min. The amount you earn, on the other hand, varies. Based on who you are subscribed to, the compensation ranges from 10 cents to $5, in my experience. That is the downfall of these websites, unfortunately. 

But some websites allow you to earn as much you can, such as making at $30 a month or more! These specific websites that I have personally used are Opinion Outpost, Swagbucks, and Pinecone ResearchJenn from Millenial Next Door provides more detail on these surveys. 

Earn extra money from with grocery apps

If you regularly go grocery shopping, why not earn some income with your everyday purchases? Services such as Rakuten, Shoptagr, and Ibotta, which is an app. This is one fo the great ways to earn extra money from home.

Rakuten is a website service that you can use to buy online purchases and make money. Suppose you want to buy an item from your favorite website. All you do is click the website through their service to obtain the amount of cashback they offer for that specific website. There you go, you made some money. 

Shoptagr is similar to Rakuten, though it is more targeting fashion websites such as H&M and Mango. You can either use the website or the app to buy items. It’s also a great way to save your favorite products, so when you have time later, you can buy the item as well. 

ibotta is an app that you relatively easy to use as well. Therefore, you cannot use this service online. It can only be used through the app. Similar to both services I listed above, you can earn money from everyday grocery shopping. If there is an item you consistently shop for, and it is located in the app, you can make extra dollars with your purchases.

I’ve used this daily and have earned extra money. This is one of those you have to be patient to accumulate money type of thing, but I genuinely recommend the try. 

Now, if you use all these three services combined, think how much you may accumulate monthly! You can use the extra money for your gas, investments, and so much more!

Investing is a way to make extra income from home

creative ways to make extra money from home

Before, when I hear the words investments or trading, I kind of freak out. Mostly because I don’t know what they mean. Plus, I will never know what they mean in the long run. Investing, the term itself is to provide money and to expect a small or large profit in return. 

I have found a way for me to learn about investing and make money on the side. I actually use two apps to understand a bit of trading, stocks, ETFs, and the likes. Those are Acorns and Public. You can download easily as apps. I am even thinking of branching out later along the line when I can finally make sound investments. 

You’ve heard that investments are risky, which they are. The market goes up and down. When you invest big, you can lose significantly or lose small. It just depends on the market. But that should not make you in the least afraid of investing. 

Want to start small? Try Public or Acorn

So if you are thinking of investing, then I would suggest trying Acorns first. With Acorns, they use your round up spare change and invest them in portfolios. All you have to do is set up your bank account, so they can use your spare change to invests. 

Public is relatively the same too, but the main difference is you are managing your own stocks by adding money. The amount of money you invest in is totally up to you. Plus, if you do sign up, you receive free stock of your choosing.

It’s like a social app, so they have professionals who can help you learn more about investing. You can follow people, professionals, and beginners to learn more about who they follow and what they currently support. Plus, Public is a great place to invest in things you support. 

Whether you’re looking to invest for the short term, long term, investing in these apps is an excellent place to start. 

Debit Cards are good as well

Debit cards also good options. They offer cashback if you’re not into the whole credit card bit. With debit cards, of course, think of it as Rakuten and Shoptagr. They give you the amount of percentage they can provide to you as cashback. Check out your local bank to see if they offer this. I know that CHASE is offering this program to consumers. 

There you go! I hope you found this article a bit useful and given you ideas on creative ways to make extra money from home. Are you using any of these services already? Are you using others? Let me know in the comments below!

Until Next Time, Thrive with purpose. 

ways to make extra money from home

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