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Ceramic Pottery Coffee Mugs For The Cozy Enthusiast

ceramic pottery coffee mugs

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It’s Spring! Flowers blooming, rainstorm brewing, breezy winds blowing, and sunny warm skies all the way. 

While at it, it’s so lovely being cozy at home with jazz music in the background, candles or oil diffuser sometimes lit, a good book or exciting tv/movie, and a good mug filled with tea or hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course). 

Speaking of mugs, I was browsing through Etsy and found some pretty neat ones that I wanted to add to my collection. I am not a mug fanatic, but…I just love mugs. 

As a teacher, I am sometimes given mugs by parents, and I sometimes go to Walgreens to their seasonal aisle to see if there are any mugs that I could buy. 

But Etsy did not disappoint me. So I wanted to show you some mugs that I currently have on my Etsy’s favorites list. Maybe you might fancy these too and get you one for your own mug collection. 

The best thing about these products is that some of these items are handmade ceramic coffee mugs! These local creators on Etsy are genuinely creative individuals!

So, without further due, let me show what I currently found on Etsy!

This post is about ceramic pottery coffee mugs 

ceramic pottery coffee mugs
ceramic pottery coffee mugs


images from Etsy SofiaSusteloCeramic
images from Etsy SofiaSusteloCeramic

One thing about this shop is that it is unique, and must I say, gorgeous!? Her store contains lots of items, mugs, and dishes, such as these mugs, which are my favorite. I currently like these ones because they were made simple, with gold trim at the top. Check out her store!


images from Etsy AmazingGiftHK
images from Etsy AmazingGiftHK

Now this store does not make ceramic pottery coffee mugs per se. However, I do like their collection of mugs. This particular is my favorite because of the trim and the simple horizontal blue lines.

It’s simple and minimal at best. 


images from Etsy IndreCeramics

This particular shop has a bit of my heart, mainly because of its minimal feature. One specific reason is that these mugs, which come in different colors, come with a tiny little plate that you can also cover over the cup! That’s so neat!


images from Etsy SunnyShopsLA

As you can see, minimal items are my favs. 

This is one ceramic mug that I also like because of its design, particularly the middle part. I love a white mug, but this one is made with a splash of dark color on the bottom and a single line that blends both light and dark. I think that’s an art to me. What do you think? 


Image from Etsy EnjoyYourHomeStore

I found this one mug and thought it was such a unique mug. I like the sprinkles or speckled if you can call it that, covering the mug. It is such a cute yet unique mug that I could certainly buy and add to my mug collection. What do you think? I know that mugs are for drinking but there is something about creativity. And this speaks creativity to me. It is definitely in my “will buy” list.


Image from Etsy SweetWaterDecor

This particular mug comes from the sweetwaterdecor Etsy store. This particular online store not only contains coffee/ tea mugs but home office supplies, candles, and so much more. Browsing through Etsy, I found the mug first before going through the online store. I like the simplicity of the mug with the inspirational word, BLESSED. This is definitely added to my mug collection! What do you think of this simplistic mug? Would you consider it?


Image from Etsy KAKIconcept

Check out these mugs! The geometric look intrigues me and it is unique. My favorite color is green so I would definitely purchase the green one and probably the beige one. What do you think of this mug?


Image from Etsy UtopiaLifeStudio

The three-tone coffee mug is adorable. I don’t even know how else to describe it. I like really the design of the mug and If you go to the Etsy store, they have more unique mugs such as these. Very creative and unique looking! What do you think?


Image from Etsy CollectiveHomeDesign

Nothing can go wrong with a simple coffee tea mug, don’t you think? This mug from CollectiveHomeDesign reminds me of those mugs that come in a collection set. Do you know those collection sets that come with the plates, bowls, and mugs? This reminds me so much of those. Nonetheless, It is still a nice simple mug to buy.


Image from Etsy swaygirls

Isn’t this a cute type of mug? I found this mug by swaygirls, an Etsy online store selling mugs as well as stickers and other items that might fancy you. I particularly like this mug because of the bible verse. It is in these particular times that we need to be joyful in hope in the LORD at all times.

There you go! If you could choose one mug to be your favorite, what would it be? You already know mine (psst! from indreceramics)! 

Until Next time, thrive cozy, with purpose. 

Check out my Etsy’s Favorite page for More of My Favorite Mugs!

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