My name is Angolwa, and this is my little corner on the internet blog, simple thriving purpose. The simple thriving purpose is a Christian lifestyle blog that journeys my life to knowing more about God and who I am in HIM and telling you all about me trying new things in my life that interest me.

Plus, anything that the LORD desires to tell me regarding that may be prophetic will be on here as well. I have already written these two posts I received long ago, so here are the number one and the number two.

I called this blog a simple thriving purpose because my mission is to thrive as a child of God in this lifetime. I learn day by day, and God has been faithful and merciful to me.

I knit/crochet/loom, read books, try new things, and do photography when I am not blogging. I currently tried 4 types of hot chocolate recipes, and I listed my favorites here. I am currently attending a Master’s program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling, so my journey in this may be written.

Stop by and have a read. Anything you like to ask, sponsor/brand collab, simply email me at

Until Next Time.

Here are two Christian items I wrote you can check out:

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